The high altitude, tropical climate, and rich soil of the Pacific Islands lend our Indonesian coffees their nutty, herbal characteristics.

Sumatra Blue Batak

The Sumatra Blue Batak is clean and consistent with sweet blackberry, fresh tobacco, new leather, black pepper and aromatic cedar in the cup.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain (Organic, Fair Trade)

Shade grew and processed at a co-op, this wonderful coffee is one of the nicest organic coffees we’ve cupped. It has a full body, a slightly nutty, earthy flavor and a sweet finish.

Sumatra Lake Tawar

This specially prepared lot for the Stumptown is from the region of Lintong. The coffee is “semi-washed” which allows some of the fruit and mucilage of the coffee cherry to remain on the bean during drying. This process results in a wild, herbal and some would say, “savage” cup character. This coffee is big, bold and juicy with flavors of Barolo, fresh tobacco, blackberry jam, and cedar.

Sumatra Mandehling Grade 1

Grown on small farms in the highlands of Northern Sumatra near Lake Toba, this coffee is processed naturally using the dry method, giving it an earthy yet herbal character. Its cup is heavy, syrupy and full of body.