If you’ve had a little too much buzz in your day already, it’s time to cuddle up with a decaf, and we’ve got some outstanding ones ready for you.

Decaf House Blend

Clean, smooth and moderate in body, our decaffeinated House Blend is perfect for anyone longing for all the flavor, but none of the caffeine. Like our regular House, this is a blend of Latin American coffees.

Decaf Sumatra

Rich and full-bodied, the Sumatra makes an exquisite choice for decaffeination. It features a full syrupy body, no acidity, and a delicate herbal aroma.

Trapper Creek Decaf Blend (Organic, Fair Trade)

We are pleased to offer a Swiss Water Processed decaf that tastes this good. The Trapper Creek Decaffeinated Blend is full of body, creamy on the palate, and makes an outstanding espresso or cup of Joe.