Learn the Art of Roasting Coffee Beans
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Learn the Art of Roasting Coffee Beans


Learn the Art of Roasting Coffee Beans

You are on this article either because you have figured out the difference between instant coffee and the roasted coffee blend or you want to open up your own coffee business. If you have tasted roasted coffee, you must already be in love with its taste and smell. Generally, the roasted coffee is available in the café shops, but how does one create their own roasted coffee blend?

There are different kinds of coffee beans available in the market. It is very important to know your coffee beans. Different coffee beans have different levels of roasting. It is the journey between the bitter green coffee beans and perfectly roasted aromatic brown beans. If you can learn the art of roasting coffee at your home, you can your family up to a irresistible smell.



What does roasting do?

The coffee beans are basically stored in their green state, which can store the taste and quality for years. Roasting releases that aroma and taste from the inside of the green beans. After getting roasted, the brown beans are nothing like their former state. While the green beans are soggy and grassy, the roasted brown beans are hard as a grain. Roasting causes chemical changes inside the bean when it is brought to a high temperature. When they reach the peak temperature, they are cooled down immediately to freeze them in their highest quality. Once roasted, you need to grind and use them quickly as the best taste is only available while they are fresh. Roasting is a combination of both art and science as it requires the precision of time and idea to stop roasting the beans at the right moment.

The Process

It is not easy to roast coffee beans and way too harder than you can think. While you can learn this instantly, it is an art which is difficult to perfect. People take years to find the right level of roast for their coffee beans. If you under roast your beans you will get the taste of the plant it was before. If you over roast them, you will get the taste of the burnt wood. But if you roast it just the right way, you will get the best coffee you have ever tastes. But the choice is completely yours on how much you want to roast them. You can ask the seller how much you need to roast before you buy it from them. There are generally three levels.

Light Roast

You will notice light brown color. It is meant for milder coffee varieties. There will be no oil over the surface as they are not roasted long enough.

Medium Roast

You will notice medium brown color. The aroma will be stronger, and you can notice the difference in the tast. There will be no oil on the surface as it needs a little more roasting. It is also known as the American roast because that is where it is commonly practiced.

Medium Dark roast

You will notice the rich, dark color with some oil over the surface of the beans. You wil get a slight bittersweet taste after you have it.

Coffee Love

Dark roast

You will notice shiny black beans with oily surface and pronounced bitterness. These are the darkest roasted beans you can make for your coffee and have the least amount of acid level.

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