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Making Process

We spend a lot of time talking about processing. So what is processing? Processing encompasses every step that happens from the moment a coffee has been handpicked at harvest to when it is dry milled and readied for shipment. Every variation in the process can affect the final flavor profile of the bean. Our Green Coffee Department spends a lot of time and effort to ensure all aspects of processing are top notch. We actively engage with our growers on various processing experiments in order to discover potential new ways to enhance and perfect what can be done at source.


Processing coffee varies greatly from farm to farm and region to region. The amount of time that the coffee cherry is stored, the method by which it is pulped, cleanliness of equipment, fermentation type and amount of time, water quality, speed and temperature of the drying process are all major factors that can affect the flavor of a coffee within the same processing category. To wrap our brains around the widely separated variations, we’ve categorized processing into a few basic methods (Washed, Semi-Washed and Natural) as well as including sections on decaffeination, picking, drying, dry milling and resting. These categories discuss the basic tenants that combine to define a certain style of processing.