Don’t forget about our blends, for some more familiar taste and consistency all year round. We even offer some fantastic organic blends, well deserving of the Stumptown name.

Hair Bender Blend

This blend consists of five different coffees from the three major growing regions of the world. Rich, complex and full of body, Hair Bender makes a spectacular cup. We use this blend for espresso in our caf├ęs and roastery.

Holler Mountain Blend (Organic, Fair Trade)

Holler Mountain blend is a certified organic blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees. This blend is notable for its balance of acidity, body, and sweet aroma. Holler Mountain also makes a great shot of organic espresso.

House Blend (Organic, Fair Trade)

A blend of high grown Latin American coffees roasted to perfection. This coffee’s medium body, low acidity and lively, clean finish makes it perfect for any time of the day.