The birthplace of coffee produces our most exotic coffees, and it’s no wonder we use words like “berry,” “Merlot,” and “orchid” to describe their flavors and aromas. Our African coffees are the starlets of our menu – bright, engaging, and, okay, sexy.

Ethiopia Hache Cooperative

The Hache Cooperative is located in the Southern Ethiopian province of Sidamo. Bensa, the sub-region where our lot comes from ranges between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level making it one of the highest coffee growing regions in the world. 1292 farmers compose the membership of the Hache Cooperative. This lot has been traditionally fermented in tanks and washed of all remaining solids to enhance its natural sweetness. Hache is an elegant, citric coffee that will dazzle you with its pristinely clean flavor profile. The refreshing citrus found in this cup is composed of lime, cantaloupe, kiwi, bergamot, and lemon shortbread.

Ethiopia Limu Gera

Our Limu Gera coffee comes from a private association of small coffee producers in the Oromia region. These producers are located in the district of Gera in the Limu zone of Oromia in Southwestern Ethiopia. These 300 farmers produce their coffee on roughly 1000 acres of combined land situated between 2000 and 2100 meters above sea level. The coffee is processed using Penagos demucilagers. Penagos is an environmentally sound approach to processing since it minimizes water usage. The demucilagers also allow for an excess of mucilage, natural sugars and alcohols, to be left intact with the beans and create heightened levels of sweetness. The Limu Gera has a clean cup showing notes of cranberry juice and limeade with a long sweet milk chocolate finish.

Ethiopia Tega and Tula

From the Kaffa Kingdom, birthplace of coffee, Tega and Tula is back again and more pristine than last year. These two plantations are located in the town of Bonga, in Southwestern Ethiopia. Both plantations range between 1850 and 1900 meters above sea level and are worked by up to 250 field workers depending on the season. These workers receive between 8 and 10 birr, the Ethiopian national currency, per day which is considerably higher than other areas of the country. The Stumptown began its relationship with a visit to Tega & Tula in 2006. We look forward to helping continually improve quality of coffee and quality of life for the people of Bonga. The Tega and Tula has the taste and texture of maple syrup along with flavors of strawberry lemonade, Oregon pluot, mandarin orange and fig.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wondo Co-op

The Wondo Cooperative is comprised of 2000 members each of whom farms an average plot of land only about one acre in size. These farms are “garden-style” meaning that they have excellent spacing between trees which is a key factor in perpetuating outstanding quality. Located between 1800- 2300 meters above sea level, in the Gedeo region of Yirgacheffe, one would be hard pressed to find coffee farms at higher altitude anywhere in the world. The flavor of this coffee is close to perfection in terms of the ideal washed Yirgacheffe. Scents of jasmine, sage and cascade hops dominate the fragrance while flavors of sweet peach juice, apricot, mango, butterscotch and dutch chocolate tantalize your senses.

Kenya PB Thimu

Our exemplary Kenya Thimu Peaberry lot comes from the Kirinyaga region, located between 1600 and 1800 meters above sea level, just east of Mt. Kenya. This coffee is comprised of both SL-28 and SL-34 varietals, both of which are Bourbon mutations developed by Scott Laboratories in Kenya several decades ago. Thimu Factory has 1,000 producer members and is part of the Baragwi Farmer’s Cooperative Society Limited. Our Thimu Peaberry is an intense, complex cup, demonstrating clear flavors of black currants, mandarin orange, pink grapefruit, butterscotch, plum, and port wine.

Rwanda Musasa (Fair Trade)

Pineapple juice, myer lemon, lush floral character