About Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a pleasant little roastery and several cafes in Portland, Oregon, serving amazingly fresh coffee and espresso beverages. Since opening our doors, Stumptown has earned a devoted following due to our preparation of French Press coffee and beautiful espresso drinks.

We are dedicated to providing and serving the freshest, most unique coffees, roasted by hand in small batches, to the Portland area. Believing in the social, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable business leads us to not only support coffee farms that are committed to the well being of their workers, land and water, it compels us to be a sustainable business in our own community. Providing health insurance for our employees and donating freshly roasted coffee to the Oregon Food Bank are some of the ways that we act on our belief in sustainability. Creating relationships with coffee farmers allows us to roast and provide coffee with the finest cup quality, confident that these farms and communities will continue for generations.

We take care in finding and roasting our remarkable coffees and it it our pleasure to train and educate those wishing to prepare a great cup and outstanding espresso. We think you’ll notice the difference.