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At Stumptown Coffee Roasters, ‘Direct Trade’ means standing face-to-face with the farmer, year-in, and year-out. It means asking for the best coffee and paying an unparalleled price. The process begins at the origin, and it continues to harvest after harvest as we nurture the relationship and the potential of the coffee.

Our Green Coffee & Origins Department is constantly on the move, in search of a quality cup of coffee that makes people pause in an abstract daydream, touched by what they’re tasting, thinking about where it came from. We know the production process at the source, and we roll up our sleeves to get involved. Our innovation and attention to detail at the farm level is what makes the difference between a good cup of coffee and a ridiculously good one.

Stumptown’s Direct Trade standards are different than Fair Trade label standards. We ensure the price paid directly to the farmer is not only ‘fair’ enough to cover wages, but that it provides real opportunities to sustain the coffee farm and the community surrounding it. Over 2/3 of our Direct Trade producers receive at least two times the Fair Trade price, and our least expensive Direct Trade coffees are still nearly 40% above Fair Trade price.

These are investments in unique connections between buyer and seller. At family farms and co-operatives, we get to know the people involved in the production process, and we ensure the real stakeholders, including coffee pickers and harvest-time workers, are paid well. We make sure the money lands in the hands of the farmers, whose families are better able to afford improvements to their farms, or health care and education for their families.

Through these relationships, we bring each coffee to its fullest potential, and in turn, its fullest value. Our commitment is our promise to these farms as much as it is a promise to you. Thank you for choosing Stumptown, for caring about where your coffee comes from, and for allowing us to find and support the best coffee farms in the world.


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