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A cup of joe made from the fresh seeds from America.


Give your taste buds the right start for the day.


The taste all the way from the coffee farms of Indonesia.


The right kind of bitterness that can give you day a kick start.

  • Cappuccino

    The perfect start for your day.

    $ 20
  • Espresso

    Get yourself started for a boost start in the mornings.

    $ 15
  • Macchiato

    The right bitter sweet taste but with a little extra spicy element.

    $ 24
  • Ristretto

    An unusual but strong flavours which will work well with your next treat.

    $ 22
  • Americano

    Drink coffee with a little but of style.

    $ 20
  • Café Latte

    A creamy smooth coffee mix which can make your day a better one.

    $ 30
  • Piccolo Latte

    A latte for all your sweet and bitter taste.

    $ 23
  • Affogato

    A coffee to get your all set up for your next step.

    $ 20
We All Need A Coffee Break
Our Story

We want people to understand that you can find your type of coffee. We strive to make sure that they have access to all of them.

Brewing Process

We use the French press version for all our coffee beans to extract the rich concoction which will become your coffee.

Our Staff

Robert E. Carter

We strive to make sure that we can serve you well especially when you are here to discover the real taste of coffee.

Dorothy L. Conger

We are trying to get the right blend of coffee to you to help you experience this bitter sweet pleasure.

Latest From Blog
  • Have you ever wondered why coffee became the prop for asking someone out for a date? Has it been like this since the invention of coffee, or is it a recent trend? It has a history that goes back to 9th century, and there is no particular evidence on when the phrase “Would you like to get coffee sometime?” came into the picture. But is a thing that millennials have been used to practice for asking someone for a date. It is the most common suggestion by anyone when they think of approaching someone. While people think it is just another dating idea, there is a lot more involved in coffee dates. Here are the five reasons why you should go for a coffee date. CoffeeTime

    Safe and Convinient

    Coffee shops are available everywhere and are easily accessible by all age groups. It is a safe place where you will mostly find readers and friends doing something productive and recreational. It is also a convenient idea as everyone loves coffee, cakes, and chocolates and a café provides all of these things. Which makes coffee an easy option for a quick date to get to know each other. Coffee shops are also mostly close to the nearest market, movie theaters, and restaurants incase you have further plans. If you get a yes for a coffee date, atleast you know that they like coffee too just like you do.

    Economical and Low Pressure

    It doesn’t cost much to get a cup of coffee, and that is a fact. You do not have to care about who is paying in the date when the bill is only going to be a few bucks. Instead of going for a fancy date with a lot of expense, you can choose a coffee date where nothing is fancy, just a warm ambience to get to know each other. There is no show off in a coffee date, and both of you will be comfortable to pay for it alone or even sare.

    Time to talk

    You get a lot of time to talk with your partner while you are having coffee. The reason behind it is that you become more alert and attentive when you drink coffee. When both of you pay attention to each other, you will be comfortable in making longer conversations. It will also boost your confidence to put forth your points, your ideas, hobbies and interests. If you choose to go to a bar, your focus will be more into drinking than paying attention to your partner. Coffee makes you more awake to have a nice conversation with someone. TypesCoffee

    Positive and Arousing

    Coffee can be a good source of happiness and energy as it has caffine. It makes you feel excited and have a lot of positivity inside your body. You can do some really nice activites together if you find a nice café. Coffee gets your heart pumping and gets your body energized. It gets you feel the way you feel when you are in love. Which is the main reason why coffee is so closely related to love! It makes you feel more attracted towards your partner and even give to energy and confidence to approach them and share your feeling openly....

  • You are on this article either because you have figured out the difference between instant coffee and the roasted coffee blend or you want to open up your own coffee business. If you have tasted roasted coffee, you must already be in love with its taste and smell. Generally, the roasted coffee is available in the café shops, but how does one create their own roasted coffee blend? There are different kinds of coffee beans available in the market. It is very important to know your coffee beans. Different coffee beans have different levels of roasting. It is the journey between the bitter green coffee beans and perfectly roasted aromatic brown beans. If you can learn the art of roasting coffee at your home, you can your family up to a irresistible smell. Coffee  

    What does roasting do?

    The coffee beans are basically stored in their green state, which can store the taste and quality for years. Roasting releases that aroma and taste from the inside of the green beans. After getting roasted, the brown beans are nothing like their former state. While the green beans are soggy and grassy, the roasted brown beans are hard as a grain. Roasting causes chemical changes inside the bean when it is brought to a high temperature. When they reach the peak temperature, they are cooled down immediately to freeze them in their highest quality. Once roasted, you need to grind and use them quickly as the best taste is only available while they are fresh. Roasting is a combination of both art and science as it requires the precision of time and idea to stop roasting the beans at the right moment.

    The Process

    It is not easy to roast coffee beans and way too harder than you can think. While you can learn this instantly, it is an art which is difficult to perfect. People take years to find the right level of roast for their coffee beans. If you under roast your beans you will get the taste of the plant it was before. If you over roast them, you will get the taste of the burnt wood. But if you roast it just the right way, you will get the best coffee you have ever tastes. But the choice is completely yours on how much you want to roast them. You can ask the seller how much you need to roast before you buy it from them. There are generally three levels. [embed][/embed]

    Light Roast

    You will notice light brown color. It is meant for milder coffee varieties. There will be no oil over the surface as they are not roasted long enough.

    Medium Roast

    You will notice medium brown color. The aroma will be stronger, and you can notice the difference in the tast. There will be no oil on the surface as it needs a little more roasting. It is also known as the American roast because that is where it is commonly practiced.

    Medium Dark roast

    You will notice the rich, dark color with some oil over the surface of the beans. You wil get a slight bittersweet taste after you have it. Coffee Love

    Dark roast

    You will notice shiny black beans with oily surface and pronounced bitterness. These are the darkest roasted beans you can make for your coffee and have the least amount of acid level. ...

  • If you have fallen in love with the first cup of coffee you had, there is a lot more left to explore in the adventures of this bittersweet world. Here is a list of the top five best coffee in the world that you need to try.

    French Vanilla

    French Vanilla is one of the most popular coffee flavors in the world due to the blend of vanilla and coffee. It is a simple flavor yet so much loved by people for its sweetness to any medium or light roast coffee. You can find French vanilla in the café shops and restaurants combined with other flavors like caramel and hazelnut to create perfect latte, macchiato, or Frappuccino. You can even ask for a simple black coffee to have the pure taste of French vanilla in your cup. Volcanica’s French vanilla is the most famous under this category as it provides the richness of the vanilla custard. CoffeeTown

    Caramel Macchiato

    A combination of caramel and espresso with steamed milk is the best thing you can drink today if you love coffee. The true happiness of the sweetness of creamy carambel and a strong flavor of coffee. You can make the most of this experience with a nice breakfast. It is an irresistible combination of two completely different flavors of bitter and sweet and yet compliment each other perfectly. If you want to try the best of it, you can camp at Einstein’s or Coffee Hound for a stronger rustic coffee taste. If you are a coffee fanatic, ask for that extra dab of espresso for a even stronger combination.

    Pumpkin Spice

    Now pumpkin spice might not attract a lot of people due to its pumpkin taste, but it is similar to liking a beer. You need to know the taste before you can start to love it. There is nothing better than having a cup of pumpkin spice latte on a cold evening and a book to read. It is your one resort to having a good morning every day. The availablity of pumpkin spice is also seasonal, so you cannot get it throughout the year. Have a steaming mug everyday to way yourself up or crash at Starbucks and try different versions. Coffee favour


    Mocha is your drink if you are new to the world of coffee town. You can taste a lot of cocoa with a hint of coffee flavor. Noone every hates Mocha after having it for the first time as it has the flavor to get you hooked. It is pretty famous between the youth and has newbies everywhere. Mocha is for those who have no idea about coffee and want to try it out the one which can impress them. You can find different mochas in café, such as frappucchinos, lattes, peppermint mochas, and more.


    No coffee list can be complete without the mention of hazelnut. It is the most underrated flavor, which is a perfectly roasted bean flavor to please the customers in the first sip.
    Although it is not so famous among the crowd, it has very loyal customers. You can try out different hazelnut flavors at Einstein’s, Starbucks, and at the Fusion brew....